Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: Romulan Anglerfish

I started this project about 10yrs ago and recently decided it was time to finish it.

The core of this ship started off as a Star Wars Droid on STAP model chopped, slashed and rearranged with a few other pieces I added from my bits box. It all actually came together pretty naturally. As soon as I started making it I was like "this looks like some evil space fish" hence the "anglerfish" name. At the time I wasn't fully thinking it was going to be Romulan, but it just ended up that way since Romulans are my fav Trek aliens. Since this didn't look like a battleship to me I decided to make it a science vessel instead which is why I added the huge viewports where the "eyes" are. I figured a double level viewport where scientists can observe interstellar phenomena would be cool.

I spent hours carefully masking and measuring the decals. I designed them in Adobe Illustrator and printed them on Micro-mark decal film. Some JT Graphics Romulan emblems and script finished off the insignia.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Romulan D-7 Stormbird

Here's a Romulan D-7 Stormbird I made using a Klingon D-7 From the AMT starship set and some decals from JT Graphics. I heavily modified the AMT kit in an attempt to get rid of all the glaring errors and imperfections. Some remain, but it is still way more accurate than it was and it compliments the rest of my 1400 fleet well.

Soon there will be a Klingon D-7 and a D-10 to match this ship.