Monday, March 29, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: USS Chekov

Here's some painted pics of a custom 1400 scale TNG Era Federation ship; The USS Chekov. Construction details and WIP pictures can be found: HERE

I used a Tamiya seas grey for the base color then hand painted the aztec pattern. After the pattern was dry, I "misted" more of the Tamiya base color over the while ship to smooth out and blend the pattern. Everything else was painted pretty standard. The windows were hand drawn on with micron markers before the final clear coat was applied.

I Used JT Graphics decals for the lifeboats, transporter arrays and thrusters. PNT Graphics decals were used for the phaser banks and assorted Spare AMT decals were used for all the misc. federation insignia. The shuttle bay landing pad, and all the name/registry numbers were home made deacls.

Fresh out of Drydock: Cardassian Freighter Groumall

One of the few times I will build a Trek kit in 2500 scale is either when the ship would be way to big to display in 1400 scale or it just simple isn't made in 1400 scale. This is an instance of the latter. The Groumall is Gizomtron's 2500 scale "Military Freighter" packed with awesome detail and an awesome price of $20. Great for a weekend build. Here's some painted pics of this tiny beauty. The only thing I added was color PNT Graphics decals instead of the black and white Gizmotron decals for the Cardassian emblems on the rear engine unit.

Fresh out of Drydock: S.S. Newport a 1400 Scale Federation Freighter

This lovely little fella started out as the USS Jenolan in 2500 scale which I bought off of ebay under the assumption that it was 1400 scale as it was listed. That was a burn, but as I was determined to use the model for something, I decided to chop it, flip it and mod it to make it a 1400 scale ship instead.

I added a TOS styled front deflector dish, sculpted a proper scale bridge module, made underside cargo bays, added Bussard Collectors and beefed up the rear engine area. A clean simple paint job and a some custom decals mixed with some spare PNT Decals finished off the job.

Fresh out of Drydock: TOS ROM BOP

Here's my Original Series Romulan Bird of Prey.
The model started out as the ROM BOP from the 1976 AMT 3 Piece Ship Set then it was extremely modified to fix some glaring errors in the original kit.

The front Nacelle Bussard Collectors were chopped off and replaced with more accurate half spheres. The rear curve was increased and then the rear tail fin was modified accordingly. Dorsal panels were added, windows drilled out, a front disruptor was sculpted and the decals were replaced with JT graphics decals.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: 22nd Century Cardassian Freighter

Ah here's one I resurrected from the grave; a very old-school 22nd Century Cardassian freighter.

I built this puppy from scratch about 8 years ago from an assortment of leftover pieces and broken models. Design wise I wanted something that was a cross between the Merchantman styled vessels and the Sulaco from Aliens. The main hull panels are a chopped and rearranged AT-AT walker. Most of the front sensors are from a Nostromo kit, a Droid STAP, some more AT-AT and some Gundam Missiles. The engines and assorted piping is primarily from Anakin's Podracer kit with the remaining pieces coming from assorted Gundam models and a Klingon Bird of Prey.

I pulled him out of storage recently and decided to give him a new and improved paint job. Primarily brown and desert Sand with a simple masked panel pattern and a lot of dirty washes. I added hull damage from a PNT Models Battle Damage decal set. I also added Cardassian insignia from a PNT decal sheet.

Over all I'm very pleased with the new paint job. There were a lot of happy accidents during painting that normally would be an issue, but in this case worked out just fine. Such as all natural paint chipping, cracking, splotchy ink washes and hull distortion. I think in the circumstance it adds to the over all junker look I was going for with this freighter.

Fresh out of Drydock: Romulan Science Vessel

Here's some painted pics of my Romulan Science Vessel. I decided to add a 1400 scale Scout Vessel from Federation Models to the base to better illustrate the size difference.

Friday, March 5, 2010

On The Bench: Romulan Science Vessel

This is a project I've wanted to do for a long time. Build the Romulan Science Vessel from the Star Trek Next Gen episode "The Next Phase".

The actual Studio model of this ship was a re-dress of the Romulan Scout SHip from the episode "The Defector". The scout ship was intended to be a little larger than a federation runabout, where as the Science Vessel according to the script was about half the length of the enterprise, placing it at around 300m.

What I decided to do was use Federation Models 1:537 scale Scout Vessel Kit and modify it to represent a 1/400 scale science vessel. The federation models ship is about 6" long when built, however with the modification made to the kit my Science vessel comes to about 8", 1" shy of what it's "supposed" to be. But then again there never were any written specs on it that I have. So it's good enough for me.

The main changes made were as follows: The original cockpit was sawed off and replaced with a new nose cone made from sheet styrene and some Warhammer Battlefleet Gothic bits. the rear wing areas were filled in in some spots to more accurately match the studio model. The sides of the neck area were fleshed out with styrene shapes and a rear fin was made form styrene bits and a Warhammer 40k flying base sawed in half and glued together. It worked out more perfectly than I could have hoped for.

Next on the to do list. Finish making custom decals for all the "greeble" areas on the top and bottom of the wings as well as the rear wings and paint the sucker.