Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: 1400 Scale Klingon Brek'Tal Class Cruiser

Here's some painted pics of my Klingon Brek'Tal (Ritual) Class Cruiser.
I used a few shades of Vallejo green, some citadel colors (Tau Sept Ochre & Mechrite Red) and plenty of Badab black wash to get it nice and dirty.

Friday, February 19, 2010

From the Archives: Classic USS Enterprise

Here's an oldie I pulled out of storage, fixed and re-displayed; a 1400 scale Classic USS Enterprise. This lovely little kit is produced by Starcrafts models, built it up with JT Graphics decals. It's pretty standard for the most part, the only painting addition I made to it was the subtle grid lines, not sculpted in the kit. These I achieved through the use of several circle templates, a ruler and a fine line ink marker. Took forever, but turned out well IMHO.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: 1400 Scale Klingon Bird of Prey

This model has been a long time in the making. I think it's the oldest model I own really, and I just now finished it... over 20 years later.

It started out as the Klingon BOP from the AMT/ERTL 3 piece adversary set. I painted this once as a kid, played with it, broke it, glued it back together, rebroke it, etc. Eventually years later I decided to strip it down, and add some of the detail I noticed was missing. I scribed new panel lines, bulked out the cowlings on the wings, rebuilt the rear engine and added misc detail all over. It was at this point that it went into a box for years until it resurfaced a few weeks ago. It was at this point that I put some final touches on it, rebuilt both disruptors from scratch (previous battle damage), primed it and painted it in one shot.

It took about 3 hours to paint using an assortment of Vallejo and Citadel hobby paint and washes. The base is an old STTNG Playmates Klingon base, repainted for this purpose.

Well, finally I finished her and she can be displayed with the rest of my 1400 scale fleet.

On The Bench: Scratchbuilt USS Chekov.

Here's some pics of a custom 1400 scale TNG Era Federation ship I'm working on; The USS Chekov.

This ship started out as a 2500 scale Enterprise D kit bashed with 1400 scale Enterprise E pylons. Most of the design was based around a similar concept to the New Orleans class ships. I added 1400 scale lifeboats, enlarged the main shuttle bay, added a hanger observation deck and used 1400 scale impulse engines on the saucer. The Nacelles were standard for the most part with the exception of dorsal mounted phaser banks in a style similar to the Venture Galaxy Class conversion. The panel lines I hand scribed following the inaccurate raised panel lines of the original kit.

Other details I added were a rear underside tractor beam, sculpted the rear torpedo bay and added a dual forward mounted torpedo bay to the saucer underside. The main impulse engine between the pylons is scratch built as well. The Bridge and lower sensor area actually came from a very old playmates enterprise toy. The toy was beyond repair and I decided to hack at it for scraps.

Also, a point of interest: I decided to keep the saucer separation area on the rear saucer "neck". The New Orleans class ships do not have this option even though they are a similar size and concept. I felt that the saucer should still be able to separate and serve as a large lifeboat if need be, like the Enterprise D, however due to it's relatively small size would probably not serve any tactical function like the Galaxy class saucers could.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: 1400 Scale USS Equinox

Here's is my newest accomplishment, and the first Star Trek Model I finished since I got back into Trek Models. This lovely little Nova Class Starship was produced by Starcrafts and I used JT Graphics decals to top it off.

The only thing I did not do standard with this kit is add an aztec hull pattern. I achieved this by priming the model white, then using ink markers to paint a hull pattern over it. Then a second layer of white was misted on to blend soften the contrast of the ink. This is the same technique I used on the Tian An Men.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On The Bench: 1400 Scale Custom Klingon Cruiser

Not sure what I'm going to call this ship yet, but I am sure it will sound like I'm coughing up a hairball whilst saying it.

Overall, this Custom ship is primarily a chopped and repositioned Vor'cha Class Cruiser. I shortened the nacelles and positioned them closer to the wings. I used Federation Models Negh'var upgrade parts for the ventral disruptor pods. The dorsal sensor pod was extended and merged with what used to be the ventral deflector assembly. The gaps were filled with brown stuff epoxy putty and new hull plating was done with sheet styrene over top of the hardened putty.

The Command Module in the front was a minor kit bash, I used pieces from a classic Klingon Cruiser, a Trade Federation STAP droid's backpack, and other pieces from the Vor'cha kit to build it. New hull plating was done with sheet styrene.

The next step, painting the beast and giving it a proper name.

From The Archives: 1400 Scale USS Grissom and USS Pasteur

Both of these models were all made by Starcrafts Models with JT graphics decal upgrades, available through

The Grissom was actually 2 kits, the standard Oberth Science Vessel and a Federation Light Corvette.