Monday, May 17, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: Romulan Anglerfish

I started this project about 10yrs ago and recently decided it was time to finish it.

The core of this ship started off as a Star Wars Droid on STAP model chopped, slashed and rearranged with a few other pieces I added from my bits box. It all actually came together pretty naturally. As soon as I started making it I was like "this looks like some evil space fish" hence the "anglerfish" name. At the time I wasn't fully thinking it was going to be Romulan, but it just ended up that way since Romulans are my fav Trek aliens. Since this didn't look like a battleship to me I decided to make it a science vessel instead which is why I added the huge viewports where the "eyes" are. I figured a double level viewport where scientists can observe interstellar phenomena would be cool.

I spent hours carefully masking and measuring the decals. I designed them in Adobe Illustrator and printed them on Micro-mark decal film. Some JT Graphics Romulan emblems and script finished off the insignia.

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