Monday, July 19, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: 1400 scale USS Nobel

I've had this Starcrafts model for years. I painted it about a decade ago and recently decided to strip it down and paint it again.

 I've always loved this ship design and I felt that my former paint job just wasn't up to snuff with my current collection. Not to mention the fact that when I bought this kit the JT graphics decals for it were not even available yet! That's how old it is. Heh :P

Here's a link to what the ship looked like before the repaint as the USS Pasteur:

There was some minor damage I made to the model during the stripping process, tried to fix what I could. I just hope the paint job covers up any imperfections I added.

I based the model with Tamiya AS5. I then hand painted the Aztec pattern based off the few pics of the studio model I could track down as well as the tan areas on the Dorsal side of the vessel and shuttlebay. I used JT graphics decals and designed 2 decals for the warp grilles.

All in all, it took me about 4 nights to strip and repaint this lovely little model.

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  1. As usual, amazing work! I always liked this model, based as it was on the old design for a spherical hull.