Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1400 Scale Klingon "Warbird" Style Cruiser

Here's a few pics of my 1400 scale Klingon "Warbird" Style Cruiser. Over a decade ago I attempted to convert a 1400 D-7 into a Ktinga by added hull plating and styrene details...then Ravenstar's Ktinga came out with 10x more detail than I could produce on mine so I threw the partially finished scratchbuild in a box somewhat defeated.

Recently I unearthed it and felt it was a waste to have come so far with the extra detailing and not do "something" with it, so I decided to merge the design of the Nu-Trek Warbird with a Ktinga and make a previously unseen Klingon Warship.

Based the additions off of orthos HERE

I finished the feather pattern detail out of thin sheet styrene, built custom nacelles form assorted styrene shapes, added the wing mounted disruptor pods and scratched the disruptor cannons, used assorted putties to build up the underside "hump" and the rear impulse engines and then added a few details of my own like the neck mounted "sails".

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