Monday, June 18, 2012

TOS Terraforming Space Station G5 Update

This Fathers Day Weekend afforded me an opportunity to get hours of painting in on the station.

I painted the whole station a base coat of Vallejo Hellblau followed by a light matte varnish for protection.. At this point I need to add the vinyl masks then paint the next hull color.

The blue tanks were first painted Vallejo HellBlau, them masked and painted Vallejo Light Blue Grey.

The red tank section was painted Vallejo Fire Red over a black primer base

Some masking then a spray of Vallejo Sandy Brown

More masking, then a spray of Vallejo Rust.

Obviously I'm a little rusty at painting cause The colors clash a bit too much for my tastes. But no worry, a mist coat of Rust smoothes everything out once I glued the blue tanks in place.

I masked the 3 office dome windows, then sprayed a layer of black primer, followed by grey primer then Vallejo Blue Grey. 

After I detailed the tops, I applied a matte varnish and peeled away the masks. I'm satisfied with the result.


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