Thursday, February 5, 2015

Star Trek Axanar USS Ares 1/1000 Part 1

This is an awesome kit being produced by Starcraft Models for the Axanar Trek Film Project. It’s currently being produced and sold in limited numbers only available through the Axanar donors store.

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I was able to get my hands on this baby last week and have been fast at work wiring her up with Tena Controls TOS 1/1000 kit for the bussard fan blades and nav lights and have been adding additional LED’s throughout. 

So far the hardest part was rebuilding the nacelle pylons so they could accommodate ribbon cable. The pylons that came with the kit were nicely detailed but solid and I simple couldn’t drill enough holes to channel the wiring I needed. I cut the pylons out of thin sheet styrene and sandwiched ribbon cable between it. Then I gap filled with putty and made a small rubber stamp to replicate the grate detail. You can’t really see that too well in these pics.

The windows were easy to drill out.

The nacelles before I closed them up.

I love this LED effect.

The LED effect looks stunning with the clear resin nacelle caps on.

So many lights!


  1. Wow. Never seen someone try to light one of the Ares models. Very impressive.