Thursday, March 19, 2015

1/1000 Illuminated Wrecked Starship Part 1

With so many projects on my bench lately I ended up having a stockpile of bits left over. So I had an idea for a quick fun project that ended up becoming a wee bit more.

I’ve always wanted to make a wrecked starship model, with all the exposed decks and battle damage ever since I saw the battle of Wolf 359. I took what leftover bits I had and put together a refit Dreadnought Class with exposed decks made from various shapes of sheet styrene and brass etched mesh.  I used some misc 40k Necron model parts to build up the exposed warp nacelle and deflector dish areas.

I put multiple flickering red and yellow LEDs to simulate fires. The effect is quite stunning. Check out the video below.

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