Saturday, June 6, 2015

Starcraft Models 1400 Scale Jem’Hadar Cruiser Illuminated

My super secret Dominion Fleetyard has been busy at work.

Immediately I realized the kit was hollow cast which gave me the idea of putting a ton of LED’s in there. I was able to drill out the fiber optics on the upper and lower sides of the models for windows.

I contacted Dennis from Starcrafts on Facebook and asked him if I could special order replacements for the nacelles and the upper rear deck in clear resin. He graciously obliged.

I bored channels through all the clear nacelles where I was able to run white and pink LED’s. 

Based on reference pics Dennis Gave me as well as screen caps from TrekCore and Doug Drexler; I was able to see where there could some detail enhancement. So I added extra detail via sheet styrene in those areas.

On the underside I cut out the pink grille areas and replaced them with new sheet styrene grille covers.

The rear impulse deck was completely opaque on the kit so I had to cut it off and build a new one from sheet styrene and…. .25” bra strap rings…… yes bra strap rings imported from a chinese garment store on ebay. They were the perfect fit.

The underside habitat pod is a massive load of fiber optic windows with some extra detailing added.

The upper nacelle struts and rear fins had cutouts where there were pink LED’s placed. I cut these right out of the resin, wrapped packing tape on them, injected clear resin and then sanded smooth. It was a virtually flawless replacement of the opaque resin in those parts.

I will post the reference images from Dennis St. Pierre, and Doug Drexler later this week in a separate post. There's just too many for this blog post.

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  1. Can you help me? I'm trying to find a Jem Hadar Battleship in 1/1400 scale