Monday, March 29, 2010

Fresh out of Drydock: USS Chekov

Here's some painted pics of a custom 1400 scale TNG Era Federation ship; The USS Chekov. Construction details and WIP pictures can be found: HERE

I used a Tamiya seas grey for the base color then hand painted the aztec pattern. After the pattern was dry, I "misted" more of the Tamiya base color over the while ship to smooth out and blend the pattern. Everything else was painted pretty standard. The windows were hand drawn on with micron markers before the final clear coat was applied.

I Used JT Graphics decals for the lifeboats, transporter arrays and thrusters. PNT Graphics decals were used for the phaser banks and assorted Spare AMT decals were used for all the misc. federation insignia. The shuttle bay landing pad, and all the name/registry numbers were home made deacls.


  1. Great job!!! I like that design better than the TNG Enterprise; the upswept pylons and the overhead engines just look better in my opinion.

  2. Thanks Frederick!

    I've been popping over to your My Star Trek Scrapbook blog a few times a week.
    Amazing stuff on there, Oh the nostalgia!

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