Friday, August 20, 2010

On The Bench: 1400 Cardassian Ocett Class Light Cruiser

Here's a few pics of a Kitbashed Cardassian Ocett Class Light Cruiser.

The core of the Ocett Cruiser is a Kazon Torpedo (the most useless Trek kit ever) with wings fused from an AMT Galor and detail parts form a Warp Models Keldon Class Cruiser.

I've been slowly adding extra surface detail all over and plan to eventually design a very comprehensive sheet of decals and insignia for it as well.

She is only about 50% done currently. The underside still needs a lot of work, I need to scratch nacelle bussards, add disruptor pyramids, impulse engines, a ton of more surface detail and fill seams.

There will be updates in the coming weeks. :D

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