Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On The Bench: Romulan V-11 Stormbird

Recently I procured 3 Ravenstar 1400 scale K'tingas from a friend (a very awesome deal) and I decided to make one of them into a Romulan V11 Stormbird based off of old FASA schematics shown HERE

I started by building custom nacelles based off the diagrams out of various styrene shapes and 2 nacelle struts form the old 3 piece starship set. I sanded off the K'tinga wing pattern on the top and bottom of the model and I designed a custom decal sheet in Adobe Illustrator for the feather pattern that fits over it.

Dorsal view, primed with feather pattern shaved off:

Scratch built Nacelle:

The Illustrated Custom decals:

Decal test fit of the Dorsal Wing Patterns:

Decal test fit of the nacelle grill:

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