Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On The Bench: Romulan V-11 Stormbird

Recently I procured 3 Ravenstar 1400 scale K'tingas from a friend (a very awesome deal) and I decided to make one of them into a Romulan V11 Stormbird based off of old FASA schematics shown HERE

I started by building custom nacelles based off the diagrams out of various styrene shapes and 2 nacelle struts form the old 3 piece starship set. I sanded off the K'tinga wing pattern on the top and bottom of the model and I designed a custom decal sheet in Adobe Illustrator for the feather pattern that fits over it.

Dorsal view, primed with feather pattern shaved off:

Scratch built Nacelle:

The Illustrated Custom decals:

Decal test fit of the Dorsal Wing Patterns:

Decal test fit of the nacelle grill:


  1. Can these decals be made into any size for models?

  2. Can these decals be made into any size for models?

  3. I like what you did. It's beautiful, though I would've colored the ship with the green color they use on ST:TNG. I feel the nacelles on this battlecruiser in the game more reflected the upgraded starships of the Wrath of Khan to The Undiscovered Country to Star Trek The Next Generation.
    More of a technological advancement after the Romulan-Klingon alliance failed.