Thursday, July 18, 2013

S.S. Rocinante From the Vanguard Novels 1/144 Scale Part 1

I love the Vangaurd Novels and Love Cervantes Quinn's character.
I've had an itch lately to make the S.S. Rocinante in 144 scale and think I've cracked the code.

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The Rocinante is described as:
-Having a wedge shaped main hull
-Area for cargo storage
-Room to accommodate 4 humans comfortably
-A cockpit on the dorsal side of the hull
-TOS style Nacelles that are about 2/3rds the length of the ship
-No weapons or transporter
-3 Underside Landing feet
-Underside gangway
-Badly repaired battle damage
-Molted Grey color scheme

Here's a Photoshop comp of what I would like it to look like in the end.

The base model will be a modified 1/120 Scale Sith Infiltrator with 1/650 scale TOS nacelles added 
The extra Cargo Pods and cockpit will be sheet styrene. I plan to build the cockpit interior as well.

I will be purchasing nacelle modification bits from JT Graphics to make the nacelles look unique.

I'm in the process of buying all the separate pieces now. Hopefully I can start chopping plastic soon :)

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  1. Am I the only one excited about this model? Is there a WiP? Been nearly a year! Trow me a frikken bone here! ;D