Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Refit 1/1000 Ptolemy Class

It’s been almost 2 years since I posted here. I took my regular hiatus from Trek Mdoels and have felt a resurgence lately. I broke down my mental barrier of “I cannot get into a another scale, 1/1400 is my only scale” and have moved into 1/1000 scale. So after the dust settled in my brain I freaked out and started setting up projects left and right. Now I have at least 5 1/1000 scale projects lined up.

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Here’s my first project, a Movie Era Refit version of the TOS Ptolemy design.

Using Freebies from Vance’s Schematics at www.Cygnus-z1.net, I was able to create a diagram of what I want the refit Potemly to look like.

The core model will be a the 1/1000 1701-A refit with custom rear pylons and an elevated middle saucer deck with full shuttle / cargo bays. The deflector dish will be under mounted on the saucer and additional detail on the impulse and pylon areas will be cast from the 1/1000 Reliant kit.

Shopping List

Federation Models Fire Support Destroyer 
I will be using almost all of this kit in the conversion

Federation Models 1/1000 Movie Era Shuttlecraft. 
I want to display 1 open hanger deck in the saucer area with shuttles in it.

Federation Models 1/1000 Saucer Mounted Deflector Dish.
I will be illuminating this kit, so I will have to drill out the actual deflector and replace with a clear bit.

PNT Models Ptolemy Conversion Kit
This conversion kit is perfect for the cargo pod. I will be adding some additional detail and running lights on the pod as well.

Tena Controls 1/1000 Refit Light Kit
This is a really nice light kit for any movie era ship, check the video out, the deflector warm up is beautiful.

Paragraphix Brass etched detail set
I will mainly be using this for the warp engine and impulse grills, but the shuttle bay can be modified to be the interior of the cargo bay I mentioned above.

Acreation Models 1/1000 Refit Aztec Decals / Blue Version
I know this guy fell by the wayside, but his decals were the best on the market. Thankfully I scored a few sets of them in advance.

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