Wednesday, May 13, 2015

1/25 Scale Type 15 ShuttlePod Project

Recently when cleaning out my old hobby stuff I stumbled upon awesome 1996 Finescale Modeler article on building a Type 15 Shuttlepod. I just had to build it!

Specifically this shuttle with Geordie in it from The TNG episode "The Minds Eye"

Here's the original Article pages.

I took the templates from the magazine and scaled them up and modified them for print.

I found a paper model online, but didn't like the overall proportions compared to the Finescale Modeler, but it did have pieces for an interior that I want to build.

From another article online I found great lcars for the control panels.

The original full-scale prop used car seats for the Shuttlepod. I was able to find 1/25 scale mini-van car seats on eBay that I will modify for the pod.

And the last thing I need is a 1/25 scale Geordie. Fortunately, the old Galoob TNG figures are in 1/25 scale. I have and old Geordie figure that I am reposing and detailing to give him a TNG uniform and a fruity cocktail in hand!

More updated coming soon!

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