Monday, May 25, 2015

Type 15 ShuttlePod Project Part 2

The exterior details are coming together.


The seat is almost there. I chopped up and glued the 2 seats together to make 1 lager seat. I started sculpting the head cushion and seam filling. The base is made from bits I had laying around.

The main control console is almost done, need to trim flash and add extra details. I have 2 Lcards panels ready to go for it.

 The interior is almost done. just need a few cushioned wall panels on the doors. The roof will accommodate 2 small white LEDs. I was going to use either EL sheet or LED strips, but I’m trying to keep the power source to a 9v battery and keep it internal. The power converter for the EL strip is too large to fit in the back and the LED strips need min 12v to work. so 2 9v LED's it is.

More to come soon! I aim to finish contraction this week.

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