Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On The Bench: 1400 Scale Custom Klingon Cruiser

Not sure what I'm going to call this ship yet, but I am sure it will sound like I'm coughing up a hairball whilst saying it.

Overall, this Custom ship is primarily a chopped and repositioned Vor'cha Class Cruiser. I shortened the nacelles and positioned them closer to the wings. I used Federation Models Negh'var upgrade parts for the ventral disruptor pods. The dorsal sensor pod was extended and merged with what used to be the ventral deflector assembly. The gaps were filled with brown stuff epoxy putty and new hull plating was done with sheet styrene over top of the hardened putty.

The Command Module in the front was a minor kit bash, I used pieces from a classic Klingon Cruiser, a Trade Federation STAP droid's backpack, and other pieces from the Vor'cha kit to build it. New hull plating was done with sheet styrene.

The next step, painting the beast and giving it a proper name.

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