Tuesday, February 2, 2010

From The Archives: Macro Trek Resin Carassian Galor Cruiser

Here's some pictures of an old Macro Trek Resin Carassian Galor Cruiser I built about 14yrs ago. At the time, it was the only Cardassian Galor kit on the market. Recently I dug it out of storage, dusted it off and redid the black base.

This Model has been re-detailed in several ways in an effort to bring the model closer to what few reference photos I had back then. The underside of the command saucer was lacking so I used sheet styrene re-detail that area. The dorsal "hump" was just completely wrong, Heh. I sawed it off sanded the area smooth and completely built a new "hump" from expoxy resin & sheet styrene. Everything else was minor details, filling airbubbles, and fixing gaps.

I don't recall how I painted her, but I know that there were no Cardassian decals at the time, so I tried to freehand the icon. Doesn't look so hot now but it's a reminder of how far I have come since then with my painting skills.

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